10 Ways To Be A Better Human Today, Tomorrow And ALWAYS

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better human

We all want to be better people. Which is good, because it means that most of us are trying. That's really the biggest part of being a good person: simply trying every once in a while.

It's all about the little things. Sure, it'd be great if everyone could give up their worldly possessions and become community farmers and doctors. That's just not realistic, though. We all have lives to live and we can't just drop everything.

But we can improve our day-to-day lives. Just follow these ten steps and you'll be the sort of person that people are glad to see. Anyone who follows these ten guidelines will be a positive part of everyone else's day. That's all it takes.

1. Don't be creepy. Don't cat-call and don't say explicit things to strangers. When you're around other people, don't do things you know will make them uncomfortable. Nobody likes a creep.

Don't Be Creepy

2. Clean up messes. If you see a mess, clean it up. Even if it isn't your mess. It's easy to ignore something just because you're not responsible for it, but that's how little messes turn into big messes.

Clean Up Any Mess You Find

3. Be nice to animals. You ever see someone at the park or the beach messing with an animal? It's such a bummer. Ever see someone being nice to animal? That's never bummed anyone out. Ever.

Be Nice To Animals

4. Compliment strangers. There's a way to say nice things to strangers without being creepy. Don't tell a girl she has a nice butt, but when appropriate, compliment her shoes or something. Whenever you see someone who's put effort into something, let them know that it's appreciated.

Compliment Strangers

5. Be ready to help — but don't assume people need it. If someone asks for help, be ready to jump in. Don't ever assume they need it. Pride is way more important to people than you realize.

Be ready to help, but don't assume people need it

6. Look where you're going. Some people get so caught up in their own world that they forget things are happening around them. Don't just assume nobody is in front of you; always look where you're going. It's more important than that text you're trying to send.

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danielle staub

7. Inspire others. Don't be the reason that somebody doesn't do something. You never know how things are going to work out.

inspire others

8. Pay attention to people around you. There's nothing worse than somebody who's completely oblivious to their surroundings. Don't block doors. Don't stand in people's way. Look around. Are people constantly giving you annoyed glances? That means you need to change something.

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pay attention

9. Put your damn phone down. Seriously, when you're out in public, put the phone away. Sitting in a restaurant with your face in your phone is lame. Enjoy the people you're around at that moment so you don't have to text them later.

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10. Don't waste food. Always clean your plate. If the worst thing that happens to you is that you have to eat food you don't like, you've got a pretty great life.

Don't waste food