7 Basic Phrases All Single Girls Have Said At Least Once

Raise your hand if you've said any of these.

7 Basic Phrases Every Single Girl Has Said At Least Once WeHeartIt

By Regina Gosney

We’ve all been there before: sprawled on the couch in pajamas, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in one hand and a glass of Moscato in the other, binge-watching our favorite show on Netflix. There’s a pound of assorted chocolates on the coffee table in front of you and your best friend is likely on her way to help keep you from gaining 10 pounds or worse… picking up your phone to call him.


That’s right, we’ve all been single before.

Whether you’re just recovering from a tough breakup, or have been owning the single life for quite some time, there are universal things single girls say. Here are the top seven:

1. “Can you put some Beyonce on next?” 

Beyonce is pretty much the audio-medicine for a breakup. If you’re single and not listening to Beyonce, there’s something wrong.

2. “Will there be any hot guys?” 

AKA: do I need to straighten my hair? Spend an extra 10 minutes on getting my eyeliner perfect? Is it even worth getting out of my pajamas to go? I mean, you’re single; you need to know these things ahead of time.


3. “I’m glad I’m single ’cause…” 

There are plenty of reasons why being single rocks. You have time to invest in yourself and self-indulge. You have complete freedom. You don’t have to worry about Christmas or birthday gifts. When you’re single, be glad you’re single. 

4. “Ooh he’s hot.” 

When you’re single and ready to mingle, you’re on the lookout for a hottie. Always. At the bus stop. The Wholefoods line. The coffee shop. Even at the Doctor’s Surgery.  And when you’re out with your wing-woman, of course you need a code for a good sighting. So, when I touch my nose, it means he’s hot. Got it? 

5. “Let’s have a girls night.” 


Ugh, so over guys. You need a girls night complete with facial masks, white wine, and every. single. Ryan Gosling movie produced.

6. “I saw the hottest guy on Tinder.” 

Tinder is one of those things we love to hate. But really, it’s just like any other dating field out there: you gotta search through the rubbish to find a gem worth keeping. 


7. “Screw him.”

No matter if your relationship ended on a decent note, or if he was a complete jerk who screwed you over, you’re not with him anymore so… screw him. Trust us, you’re better off without him.