16 Pictures Of Animal Genitalia Because Why The Hell Not?

Beware: you can't unsee these pics.

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Here's the thing about scientists: they may be brilliant and spend most of their time researching and discovering things, but they can be goofy and hilarious, too.

When you're spending hours putting one drop of liquid on a slide or studying the mating habits of dung beetles, you can get a little stir crazy. And what better way to let off steam than to tweet pictures of animal genitalia?

#JunkOff is taking over the internet with it's often disgusting, outrageous, and completely true pictures of animals and their junk. These photos may be safe for work (or not), but it's definitely not something you want to look at before a meal.


1. Penguins

Penguins Instagram/gazbzz

Here's some penguins getting busy.


2. Echidna (AKA Spiny Anteater)

Echidna. Instagram/kieran_beeee

Everything about the Echidna is unique, especially his four-headed penis.


3. Whale

Whale Instagram/c0lossal_descent

You don't want to mess with this big boy under any circumstances.


4. Horses

Horses. Instagram/honeyguideapps

Now you know why they say, "Hung like a horse."

5. Duck

Duck Instagram/theunicornbooty

Yes, that spiral is exactly what you think.


6. Alligator

Alligator Instagram/juswes81

Tiny screaming alien or alligator penis — you decide.

7. Lemur

Lemur Instagram/jennyhawkins87

Look closely — underneath this wasted lemur is genitalia.


8. Proboscis monkey

Proboscis monkey Instagram/crocodilerachel1

Just letting it all hang out.

9. Dog

Dog. Instagram/ebarrera

Relaxing, doggie style.


10. Frog

Frog Instagram/mostlyharmless2

That frog is packing some heat.

11. Koala

Koala Instagram/kellygriese

So cute ... balls and all.


12. Tortoise

Tortoise Instagram/crocodilerachel1

"You'd be surprised at what I'm hiding under my shell."


13. Slugs

Slugs. Instagram/ansonmackay

Slimy! Two slugs making sweet, sweet love.


14. Baby monkey

Baby Monkey. Instagram/ansonmackay

A tiny monkey with his tiny penis.

15. Lizard

Lizard Instagram/mother_of_monsters

His body may blend into the environment, but his penis sticks out like a sore thumb ... or something.


16. Cat

Cat. Instagram/rbz_estenzo

Cats are wonderful animals, known for their soft fur, loving nature, and barbed penises.