11 Animals That Mate For Life

11 Animals That Mate For Life

Humans aren't the only creatures that mate for life. Certain animals form bonds that last lifetimes, raising families and protecting their territory together. Some animals pairs are even better at monogamy that humans!

1. Gibbons: sharing some of the strongest bonds in the animal kingdom, gibbons are highly devoted to their mate.


2. French Angelfish: these exotic fish form the power couples of the sea, with lifelong, monogamous commitments. They hunt, travel and defend their territory as a team.


3. Swans: a symbol of love, swans form bonds that have been known to last lifetimes.


4. Black Vultures: the polar opposite of swans in the looks department, black vultures are nevertheless as highly committed to their mate. They have even been known to become violent when infidelity is discovered.


5. Turtle Doves: the ultimate symbol of love and fidelity, turtle doves forge alliances that last their whole lives. Their love has been documented as far back as the Renaissance.


6. Beavers: beavers make for devoted partners, and parents, raising their young as a team.


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