9 Signs He Wants To "Netflix And Chill" — NOT Be Your Boyfriend

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One of the most unforeseen consequences in the rise of online dating is that hooking up is big right now. Young people are hooking up way more now than ever, probably because it's so easy to connect with people.

Through dating apps, texting, and social media, it's much more convenient to message people, especially late at night.

A new slang term for hooking up is "Netflix and chill." If somebody invites you over to "Netflix and chill," they probably don't want to watch streaming movies and television. It's just a more polite way to ask, "Hey, want to come over and hook up?"

The problem is that it's too polite. There are plenty of people out there who think "Netflix and chill" means exactly what it says. This can lead to some obviously awkward situations with someone showing up expecting to watch a season of The Office, and the other person expecting the opposite of that.

Here's 9 signs guy who invited you to "Netflix and chill" doesn't want to date you.

1. He specifically asks if you want to come over,and "Netflix and chill."

When someone uses the specific phrase "Netflix and chill," they don't literally mean Netflix and chill  they mean hook-up. It's slang, and you should learn to recognize it.

2. He doesn't ask you out on a date.

If someone invites you over to their house, that's not a date. Dates involve going out and hook-ups are staying in. If you haven't been on a date with someone and they're trying to get you to come over, whatever excuse they're using is just that: an excuse. They just want you to show up and have sex with them.

3. He doesn't care about what you wear.

If he's like, "Yeah, put on whatever," that should be a red flag. Personally, nobody wants to watch "whatever." They either want to watch something they'd enjoy or they don't plan on actually watching anything.

4. He doesn't provide snacks.

Whenever I have friends over to watch movies, or vice versa, snacks are provided. If you show up, and there isn't even a bag of chips out, don't plan on getting too involved in the plot of whatever you're watching.

5. He invites you over after 10 PM.

The later at night somebody texts you, the more likely it is that they just want to hook up. If somebody wants to take you out, they'll hit you up early. If an invitation comes after 10 PM, that person's plans fell through and you're just a back up.

6. He doesn't even check to see what you want to watch.

Netflix has a pretty wide variety of content. If someone invites you over for just "Netflix," that's way too broad. How do they know you won't show up and want to watch depressing foreign movies about flowers dying in the desert?

7. He's too focused on Netflix.

If you really want to watch a movie, there's a ton of options. Besides Netflix, there's On Demand, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, and a ton of other options. If you show up and he's all about Netflix, that's because he isn't focused on the movie.

8. He's dressed a little too casually.

When company is coming over, people get dressed. If you show up and he's in his sweat pants, he's not planning on keeping them on for that long.

9. He doesn't even have anything queued up.

Seriously, he's willing to just watch anything on Netflix? He doesn't even a certain show in mind? Come on! At that point he's just loading up Netflix for show.