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2 Important Things You MUST Do To Skillfully Move Past Your Divorce

To be honest, life after your divorce can get really sad before you start to feel good about yourself again.

You'll feel lonely and often have second thoughts about the whole situation and think, Was this divorce really worth it? 

But here are the facts: Your marriage didn't work out, and getting back together (most likely) won't solve any of your issues. So, it's time to MOVE ON (yes, it's possible!). Focus on you and what makes you happy.

In the video above, divorce coach Dr. Karen Finn says that getting over your divorce all comes down to taking care of yourself and focusing on meeting your immediate needs. 

Here are two things she says will help you blaze through this rough patch with your head held high: 

1. Know Your Life Situation

Understand what's currently going on in your life and consider what you would like to maintain or potentially change. Then, you can set goals to satisfy your immediate needs that will set your life on a path that works for you.

2. Take Baby Steps

This divorce has knocked the wind out of you. Right now, you're probably feeling very emotional, lonely and stressed. It's going to take time for you to feel like your best self again. Remember, these feelings are not permanent, and you will feel happy again. So just take it one day at a time.

"You need to be able to take compassionate baby step towards the life that you want," explains Finn. "And before you know it, you'll be through your divorce and living the life that you really want."

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