9 Ways Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Were Doomed From The START

They never stood a chance!

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox from IMDB.com IMDB.com

So, it's officially over. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are calling it quits.

The couple was always an odd pairing. Megan Fox rose to popularity in 2007 after starring in Transformers. Green is most famous for his role as David on 90210 back in the '90s. She was an up-and-coming star and he was a fading TV star.

The couple had been together for 11 years (they've only been married for 5 years, though), which is two years shy of the age difference between them. That's an uncomfortable feeling.


There's such a huge age gap between them that the entire run of 90210 doesn't even cover the distance.

So, what went wrong? Well, it's kind of obvious. This wasn't exactly one Hollywood's fairytale marriages. This was one of those "Oh, that's still happening?" marriages.

Now that it's over, let's take a look back and see what went wrong. Here are 9 reasons why Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were doomed from the start.

1. Their careers headed in different directions.

Megan Fox may have taken a few years to rebuild her career, but she's currently working her way back up the ladder. Green, on the other hand, doesn't even know where the ladder is. He's stuck on a slide back to obscurity, and that's a hard dynamic for a couple to make work.


2. She couldn't get over what he did to Scott.

If you remember Green on Beverly Hills: 90210, then you remember what he did to his friend Scott. He abandoned him for the cool crowd! What a jerk! The friendship ended and Scott ended up accidentally shooting himself and dying. I've personally never forgiven Green for this, and I bet Fox didn't either.

3. He couldn't get over what she did to Transformers.

Green is old enough to have watched the original Transformers cartoon when it first aired. If he has fond memories for the original cartoon (like most from that era do), then it must be really hard for him to see Fox's Transformers movies. If it was just that, he might be able to forgive it, but there's also ...


4. ... or The Ninja Turles

She also starred in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While both movie series are popular with today's audiences, they both seem to be designed to upset fans of the original. This would be like your wife finding your favorite toy from childhood and then ruining all the things about it you thought were cool.

5. She realized it's not 1992 anymore.

While she might have had a crush on him during his run on 90210, that was a long time ago. While it's always a big deal to meet your childhood crush, it's the sort of thing that doesn't last. Especially if you grow up to be Megan Fox, and Brian Austin Green just turns into an older, less successful Brian Austin Green.


6. She found out about his rap career.

Since Green was a celebrity in the early-to-mid '90s, of course he released a rap record. That was the thing at the time, and it's super embarrassing. We're assuming Fox wasn't aware of the record's existence when she married Green, considering it came out when she was only 10 years old.

7. She even has more Golden Raspberry awards than he does.

The Golden Raspberry Awards are the opposite of the Oscars. They're awards given for horrible movies and bad actors. While it's not nice to win one, at least it means people are talking about you. No matter how many awful D-TV movies Green makes, he can't even win a Raspberry!


8. He wants to be on Spielberg's good side.

It's heavily rumored that Steven Spielberg doesn't like Fox because of comments she made comparing Michael Bay to Hitler. Her potentially being on his bad side set her career back a couple of years. Green's career isn't in a place where he can afford to have powerful enemies, or even any enemies at all.

9. He needs alimony.


It's pretty clear who the bread winner in the relationship is. Fox is a movie star while Green is struggling to find TV work. Sure, they could've stayed married and he could've lived comfortably. The difference, however, is that with alimony, that's your money. That means you get it and you can do whatever you want without doing your chores first.