5 Legit Reasons British Guys Are WAY Better Than American Guys

Once you go British, you don't go back.

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I know it sounds shallow, but I've realized that dating an Englishman is just ... better.

When I was younger, I remember watching Closer (yes, please, Jude Law) and thinking that if I could find an Englishman, I'd be living in Natalie Portman's fancy (and somewhat depressing) British fantasy land. Luckily, that fantasy came true when I met Ben, a posh-speaking Brit from just outside London.

Unsurprisingly, the accent knocked me off my feet as I ordered my wine. Standing there and chatting Ben up, I could see a handful of curious girls whose ears had perked up.


I could practically see them salivating over the Queen's English and his dapper outfit. Luckily, he liked me. And guess what? The whole "bad teeth" thing is just a gross rumor (because, you know, an entire nation isn't just ignoring the dentist).

1. The cultural difference makes for compelling conversation.

I'm a native Jersey girl turned New Yorker, so my share of boyfriends have been from the East Coast. We've usually had the same experiences, favorite TV shows, and same political ideologies.

With a Brit, all of that goes out the window.

The other day, he actually asked me what Sesame Street was. I won't lie, this broke my heart a little. But you know what? It's OK. Now I can show him all the bad American TV I want.


And when I'm not showing him my favorite old shows, he's introducing me to English television, which I highly recommend if you like uncomfortable laughs and totally normal looking human beings.

2. Their accent literally melts your face (and underwear) off.

There's no doubt that an accent is an aphrodisiac. For some reason, the English accent is the prize winner. And there's nothing hotter than listening to an Englishman in the bedroom. Go ahead: imagine it. (Uh-huh. Yep, it's super hot.)

If it sounds like I'm objectifying men by their accents ... well, I am. I'm not really sure why this particular accent drives me so wild, but when I walk into a room with him, I can tell it does the same for everyone else. Let's just say I had to learn to combat my jealousy early on.


3. They can rock an epic outfit.

Ever seen an Englishman at a wedding? They've got impeccable taste. From double-breasted wool jackets to well-cut sweaters (jumpers) and top hats, they just seem to put more effort into everything. Not to mention England is a rainy and cold country, so they've got to be able to put outfits together that combat the constant rain and still manage to look good.

American guys throw on some jeans and a T-shirt, and that's fine. But the Brits? They're always so well put-together. It keeps me on my toes!

4. Their manners make you swoon.

English people tend to be exceptionally polite. Maybe this is an over-generalization, but who cares. They say their "please" and "thank yous," they hold the door, and they don't cut you in line (the queue). It's refreshing!


If you think about it, the English have a very posh Royal Family to look to for inspiration, so you bet they've got a classy edge over their American contemporaries. So, even if a Brit is acting like an arse, his delivery will always be quite polite.

5. They're really, really friendly.

When I was much younger, I was super into those depressive, angsty types. That got old pretty quickly. If you love to meet new people and have adventures, a British guy will be your dream date. Trust me.


The English aren't just pale, pasty and rain-saturated (alright, some of the time they are); they're chipper, inclusive, and down for a pint or two or three with just about anyone.

I've never met a Brit who didn't just want to have a good time. So, if you're ready to make new friends, an English beau might be your best bet. In fact, my boyfriend doesn't know how to shut up.

But, at the end of the night, if you're his girl he will dote on you and you alone. Cheers, darling!