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4 Ways To Throw An Epically Rockstar DIVORCE Party

Boozy brunch

Many of Hollywood's beloved couples — Blake and Miranda, Gavin and Gwen, Kermit and Miss Piggy —are calling it quits and making divorce a trending topic of internet conversation. Outsiders naturally mourn the end of marriages.

However, there's a celebratory divorce movement happening among those finding their own happily ever after marriage. These newly un-weds are throwing themselves divorce parties to kick start their new leases on life.

Party planner extraordinaire, Cornelia Guest of Cornelia Guest Events, offers four inspiring divorce party themes below. Cornelia has had her pulse on the hottest party trends for decades, having planned affairs for some of the top style-makers in the industry, including Donna Karan, Estee Lauder, MAC Cosmetics, and Badgley Mischka.

So, while not everyone was able to have a red carpet wedding, those divorcing can party like a star for one night.

1. An ultra-classy red and black soiree


Décor: Match your bold red and black color scheme with some elegant white china and gold silverware, with centerpieces of black roses or calla lilies in short, gold vases. Use long tables and cover them in black lace, and make sure to add a bunch of tea candles for a gorgeous glow. 

Menu: For drinks, keep it simple with martinis or "Dreaded Ex Punch" (champagne-based punch with rum, pomegranate juice, and lemon). For the menu, create a decadent sweet and savory menu where each dish incorporates chocolate, from a chicken breast with chocolate BBQ sauce to an over-the-top chocolate cake with "Free At Last" or "I Do Not" written in icing.

Attire: It's a celebration, so everyone should dress to the nines. If you think your friends will be up for it, make it a completely Black Tie party.

2. The ultimate pajama party/sleepover


Décor: Remember when you broke up with your ex in high school and got everyone together for a sleepover? Well, why shouldn't it be the same for your divorce? Opt for an at-home party, where the floors are covered in pillows and couches flank each side.

Menu: This is a sleepover, so try to re-create the yummiest things you can remember as a kid. Homemade chocolate covered pretzels, flavored popcorn (caramel, cheese and truffle oil), and of course, pizza.

However, to make it more fun, set up a "make your own" pizza station where guests can pick their toppings. For drinks, stick to the classics: rum and cokes, martinis, sex on the beach, and Long Island iced teas ("Pre-Nup Punch"). For dessert, create an ice cream bar or set up a selection of S'mores treats (cupcakes, cookies, Rice Krispy treats, or a cake).

Attire: The name says it all, so make guests get super comfy in sweatpants or PJs.

3. A swingin' roaring '20s speakeasy


Décor: The roaring 20s were all about the best, most extravagant parties, so throw a 20s bash with all your best friends to celebrate your de-coupling. Set it up speakeasy style with black tables draped in silver, and create the ultimate bar area for guests to drink endless cocktail creations. Your signature colors here are gold, silver and black.

Menu: For your drinks, keep it ultra-glam with champagne and a variety of red and white wines. You can also make a Mint Julep pitcher, which offers the perfect compliment to the 20s.

Your menu should consist of a ton of hors d'oeurves such as stuffed mushrooms, crudités with different dips, an antipasto platter, and bruschetta and caprese skewers. The cake should be flapper style one, or have a cool top hat with the bride kicking the groom to the floor. It's a divorce party, so the cake has to make a bold statement.

Attire: Roaring 20s, of course.

4. A "better off" boozy brunch


Décor: Keep it bright and cheery with yellow and white as your signature colors for this brunch celebrating your singlehood. The tables should be decked out with yellow and white striped tablecloths. Gold plating and silverware will complement this set up nicely, and your centerpieces should be vases filled with sunflowers.

Menu: Create different food stations for your guests to choose from. Opt for an omelet bar with all the fixings, and a pancake and waffle bar with different syrups and toppings. 

For drinks, you'll want to have a few different boozy punch varieties, so everyone can pick and choose their poison. Since it's brunch, create a pancake cake in the shape of a broken heart, with whipped cream as the filling and chocolate drizzled on top.

Attire: Women should wear yellow dresses, and men should wear white t-shirts and blue jeans.