7 Signs You Realize Your Worth And Refuse To Give People "Discounts"

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Self-esteem can be tricky. We all want to be empowered, confident, and strong women, but there are times when we undervalue our self-worth.

When you use the same rules in business and apply them to yourself, your own feelings of value and self-worth will grow.

Whether you have your own business or just want to make it in the world (with your dignity and self intact), placing a high value upon yourself when dealing with others can help strengthen your self-esteem.

Sometimes we want to be liked so much that we give people emotional discounts. Here are 7 signs you realize your worth, and that means not giving people discounts.

1. You refuse to change just so people will like you.

You are what you are, and that's more than good enough. You're a quality being, and those who get you will be rewarded by your presence in their lives. If someone doesn't understand or like you, that's their issue — not yours.

You're the complete package. No slashed prices just to make a sale.

2. You don't undervalue yourself.

You're beautiful, brilliant, accomplished, have skills, an amazing sense of humor, and you remember everybody's birthdays and special occasions.

You won't lose at tennis just so your boyfriend will feel better about his game, and you won't pretend you don't know something just so someone else will feel smarter. You always shine; no friends and family discounts needed here.

3. You don't say sorry when you don't need to.

Women have a tendency to over-apologize as if we need to apologize for our mere existence. You'll only apologize if you truly need to. You're not a jerk, but you don't say it every two seconds. Saying sorry too much is a deep discount that chips away at your self-esteem.

4. You refuse to do everything to fix a broken relationship. 

You know that it's not up to you to carry the whole relationship, nor is it on you to repair what's irrevocably damaged. There's no 50 percent off discount for damages.

5. You say no and you mean it.

No, you won't do something you don't really want to do. No, that's not how you want your eggs. No, you won't say yes just to avoid conflict. There's no buy one/get one half-off to standing your ground.

6. You have clear boundaries.

You won't let people take advantage of you, even if you have a large heart. If you did, resentments would crop up and that's not good for business — and it's not good for how you feel about yourself. You won't bargain with anybody where your self-respect is concerned.

7. You refuse to have your feelings ignored. 

You listen to other's feelings and expect the same in return. You won't repress or suppress your emotions. The worst discount of all is when people discount your feelings, as if you don't know what it is you're feeling or your feelings don't matter.

You wouldn't charge too little for your work, so it stands to reason that you shouldn't underestimate the value of your worth.

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