Old Ladies Need To Calm The F*ck Down About Boy Bands

Seriously, it's painful to watch.

NSync from Bye Bye Bye and One Direction from What Makes You Beautiful Vevo

Ready to be super uncomfortable? Then check out this video from The View, where Michelle Collins and Raven Symone interview One Direction:



Oh also, by interview, we meant watch Michelle Collins hit on Harry Styles and Raven Symone freak out for a few minutes. It's seriously hard to sit through.

The worst part is that both women are old enough where they should know how embarrassing their behavior was. One Direction are just another boy band, and they're really nothing new.

We've been through this before and we know how it ends.

We know that all this hype is mostly manufactured. We know that within a few years, most of these kids are going to turn into sad versions of themselves. Remember New Kids on the Block? The Backstreet Boys? N*Sync? Those are the ones that we actually remember, and they're doing terribly.


Boy bands are meant for tweens because tweens are dumb. They don't have any life experience and they don't realize that this is just the same product being repackaged again and again.

There's nothing wrong with One Direction, but there's ultimately nothing special about them. As adults, you should realize that and keep your composure. Michelle and Raven, you're embarrassing every other adult on the planet.

You just look desperate to keep up with what's cool. There's no reason that older people can't like what's new, but this isn't new. Take any One Direction song and imagine New Kids On the Block singing it. Yeah, it fits.

The boy band formula is so cut and paste that it's not even funny. That's why it's so embarrassing that you're freaking out over these kids.


You know that Harry Styles is going to turn into Donnie Wahlberg real quick. That's if he's lucky. Aaron Carter used to have screaming throngs of fans. It's one thing to look back at how you acted as a teenager and go, "What was I thinking?" You're not a teenager though, so you don't have an excuse.

Sure, the music is catchy. The guys are always cute. It's fine if you like it, but stop acting like they're the new Beatles. You know how disposable this current group is. We're already living in a post-Justin Bieber world!

You freaking out over these boy bands looks like someone freaking out over McDonald's re-releasing the McRib. They say it's only for a limited time, but we all know it's going to keep coming back. We also all know that Joey Fatone is going to eat a ton of them.


Remember Joey Fatone? Guess what? You're a grown woman who probably just freaked out over meeting this generation's Joey Fatone. How do you feel now?