Ladies: 6 Times You're Definitely The WORST And You Don't Realize It

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Nobody's perfect. The important thing is to never stop improving. Sometimes you're super awesome without even realizing it; sometimes you're the worst. Let's talk about those blind spots.

Because whether or not you notice how you're behaving, your significant other surely does, and it affects them.

Often, subconscious negative attitudes or behaviors are habits we've built up over time. Other times, they're just societal norms that we never think to question. Either way, they can do damage.

Here are some of the most common examples of those instances. Learning to recognize these and overcoming them can put you steps ahead of the competition, and make him think you're the raddest girlfriend ever.

1. When you fake an orgasm. The more you fake an orgasm, the more you'll have to. Faking it just reinforces all the behaviors that got you to the place where you couldn't finish. Instead of acting like you’re sparing his ego, talk about what's working and what isn’t.

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I lied

2. When you hit him because you know he won't retaliate. Abuse is abuse. You don't get a free pass because you're weaker.

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3. When you always let him pick up the check. It's 2015. There's nothing wrong with letting him "be a gentleman" from time to time, but don't turn it into a sugar daddy situation. It's not fair.

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4. When you cry to make him the bad guy in an argument. No matter who's wrong, once you start crying he's forced to apologize. It's a childish way to handle conflict with your significant other. Be a big girl and use your words.

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5. When you pull the passive aggressive "I'm fine" line. You think you're taking the high road by avoiding conflict. But you know what happens when you bottle up negativity? It explodes later. If there's something wrong, there's nothing bad about talking it out instead of letting it fester.

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6. When you never initiate sex. You might feel like it's the man's job to be the aggressor, but it takes two to tango. If he's always supposed to try to initiate whether you're in the mood or not, you become the sex gatekeeper. And he has to wonder if he's going to get shot down by or not.

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