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7 Reasons Men Who Can Dance Make Better Lovers

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It's something we all sort of know to be true, but it's hard to put into words: men who can kill on the dance floor are going to get rave reviews in the bedroom.

Why? Well, if you think about it, dance is basically a metaphor for sex. You're rhythmically grinding and gyrating either with a partner, in a group or by yourself.

You probably need a few drinks to get started and you feel sore the next day. Not to mention it's always better when music is playing in the background. Sound familiar?

Because sex and dancing have so much in common, it's only natural to associate them with each other. But it goes beyond that. Here's why dance-floor prowess implies a mastery between the sheets:

Our hips don't lie. I defy you to challenge the sage wisdom of Shakira. Girl knows how to brandish a pelvis, that's for sure. A true master on the dance floor will be able to naturally translate those hip skills to the bedroom.

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It's all in the rhythm. Switching things up is great for keeping things fun and fresh, but eventually you need the guy to be on point like a metronome.

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We've got passion for days. Nothing's worse than a wet blanket in the bedroom, and I'm not talking about the comforter. A dancer has a potent internal energy that springs forth from them. Lucky you.

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We know it takes two to tango. Literally and figuratively. Sex, like dance, is a give and take.

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We've got superb stamina. Dancing is a pretty intense physical activity. Anyone who can rock the dance floor has enough endurance to not get winded after 3 minutes and ask you to handle the rest on top.

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Confidence? Check. It takes courage and bravado to dance like no one’s watching. You’re getting a timid man when you go home with a dancer.

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We have an adventurous attitude. With that confidence comes openness. He'll tell you what he wants, he'll be willing to try what you want, and everybody goes home happy.

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