The Super-Weird Thing Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality

Photo: WeHeartIt

How do you dot your i's and cross your t's?

Graphologist Kathi McKnight says that handwriting communicates way more than we thought. The way we write the letters "l," "t," "i," and "y," especially, say a lot about our personality type.

Business Insider produced a video that tells you exactly what your personality is based on how you write these letters.

  • A "looped L" says you're a hopeful dreamer, whereas a "retraced L" reveals your hopes and dreams may have been squashed.
  • A "looped T" says you're sensitive to criticism and paranoid, but a "retraced T" means you're a good worker with discipline and self-control.
  • A "slender Y" means you select your friends carefully, whereas a "broad Y" means you have a lot of friends, suggesting a friendly personality. Meanwhile, a "long Y" reveals you love traveling, and a "short Y" reveals you prefer to stay home.
  • An empty "dotted i" reveals a playful and artistic nature, whereas a filled in "dotted i" reveals a great attention to detail and a dislike for clutter.
  • A "T" crossed towards the top says you have high goals and self-esteem. But a "T" crossed towards the bottom says you prefer to aim low and have a lot of insecurities.

Are you looking at your handwriting now? 

Check out the video below that explains everything you need to know about your handwriting: