Sex Toys And Pregnancy

Sex Toys and Pregnancy

People often wonder if it is safe to use a sex toy during pregnancy.

The whole subject of sex during pregnancy can be a difficult topic to explore with couples and women, as it is a private one, and many people have questions about sex in pregnancy but are too embarrassed to ask. Having examined the literature that is readily available to midwives, it is interesting to see that there is nothing which has addressed this as a specific research question. There are several research articles related to sex but not the use of sex toys such as vibrators.

It is very common for pregnant women to experience fluctuations in sexual desire and activity especially as their pregnancy advances. They may feel that they’ve gone off sex completely, or conversely, that their libido has increased. Some women enjoy sex more than ever during pregnancy, others don’t.

One study concluded that there was no evidence that most sexual positions and sexual activities were harmful during pregnancy, although this study also identified the need for more research in this area. Certainly, if you are having a normal, healthy pregnancy, there is no need for you to stop having sex during pregnancy.

One thing is certain, however: whenever there is any sexual activity involving anal intercourse, you must take the precaution of ensuring that the penis, or any other object, is not inserted into the vagina afterwards. The reason for this is the increased risk of bacteria being transferred between the bowel and the vagina. The baby is protected from infection during pregnancy by the bag of membranes that surround it. However, once these membranes rupture (or pop: your waters breaking), that natural barrier against infection is lost and the risk of the unborn baby becoming infected are greatly increased.

There are many different kinds of sex toys such as rabbit vibrators, vibrators, dildos, strap on sex toys, vibrating eggs, and clitoral stimulators to name a few.

If using sex toys is a normal part of your sex life, there should be no reason for you to stop using them if you have a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy. Just take care to keep any sex toys clean and don’t mix orifices!

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