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Whoa, Slow Down! 13 Signs You Fall In Love Waaaaaay Too Fast

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Elvis Presley, and later the ever-under-appreciated UB40, pointed out something incredibly important: "Wise man say, 'Only fools rush in.'" Just because the grammar wasn't necessarily sound, it doesn't dilute the message and its wisdom.

Falling in love is a wonderful thing, but falling in love too fast is a recipe for emotional (and at times financial, psychological and even physical) disaster.

Chances are you're way more invested than the other person, which can lead to a few potential outcomes, none of which are good: They take advantage of you for material gain or to buffer their own egos, or they're scared off and run for the hills, or they return the sentiment and end up creeping you out. You won't end up happy in any of those situations.

That's aside from the fact that "falling in love" too fast is actually rare. You're either falling in like, falling in lust, or are just falling in love with love, or with the idea of this particular individual, but not actually and truly falling in love with this person.

And that's neither fair nor healthy for either of you. Also, it's just really annoying to everyone who has to deal with you on a regular basis. Find out if you're one of the suckers who falls in love way too fast:

When a guy you just met doesn't call, it's not disappointing; it's devastating.

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Britney Spears crying during an interview

Your pals can't keep track of all the loves of your life.

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Djimon Hounsou in Guardians of the Galaxy

You secretly start a wedding Pinterest board after date two ... if you even get that far.

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Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney on "30 Rock" trying on a bridal tiara and veil

He mentioned on your first date that he's debating between an XBox One and a PS4. You show up with both ... on your third date.

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Steve Carell on "The Office" wearing a Santa Claus hat

The only time you talk to your friends is about him. "He" changes every few weeks and is always "The One."

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Helena Bonham Carter mouthing "blah blah blah"

Really. This time you just know it. Just like you did last time. Like, two weeks ago.

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Mike Myers as Wayne's World monkeys fly out of my butt

You know all the lyrics to his songs after seeing his sh*tty bar band perform once. You're just waiting for him to call you so you can show off your knowledge for real.

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Adam Brody as a member of the bar band Low Shoulder in the movie "Jennifer's Body"

He knows your PIN number. But you're not sure what his middle name is.

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Mariah Carey dressed up as a sexy nurse in her "Up Out My Face" music video throwing cash

After three months, he lives in your apartment. He might not pay rent or be listed on your lease, but he lives there.

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Johnny Depp in pajamas wearing glasses with blonde hair sleeping on a couch

You already friended his brothers and best friend on Facebook. You haven't actually met them yet, but you want them to know you because you know that you will.

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Judge Judith Sheindlin on Judge Judy opening and closing a laptop with disgust

You crave Gatorade constantly and you're not sure why.

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A snail drinks from a puddle with the hashtag "thirsty" (#thirsty) flashing in white text

Your motto is, "Love like you've never been hurt." And also, "Love everyone all the time because this may be your only shot. Ever."

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Serena of Sailor Moon with hearts in her eyes to represent falling madly in love

Anyone who claims that only fools rush in isn't a wise man. They're just totes bitter.

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Owl shaking its head asking if u jelly