If You Want To Get Over Your Breakup, You Better STOP Doing THIS

Breakups are difficult to overcome for everyone involved, even if your ex doesn't want to admit it. You may have felt so connected and intimate with this person that the emotional attachment won't allow you to let go.

Breakups Are The Worst

This is probably one of the worst feelings of our human existence — knowing that someone you are deeply in love with has fallen out of love with you. You feel unwanted, alone and depressed because the person to whom you've devoted so much of your heart and time no longer wants any of it. Future plans, goals and hopes together are now completely unreachable, and you're overwhelmed with disappointment and remorse. 

You may feel like that heart-rending time of grief will NEVER end. Sometimes it takes months, years even, but it does end.

Until then, you keep replaying every memorable moment of your relationship — shared meals, days spent together, laughing and crying together — and you miss it. What went wrong? Why can't you do anything to fix it? The only mourning gets worse because it's all that you think about. 

As an outlet, talk about it with your friends. And suddenly, it's ALL you talk about, which makes you feel even worse.

Now It's Time To Stop

Relationship expert and author Lisa Steadman urges to heartbroken exes, "Stop telling your happily never after story to anyone and everyone who will listen! Your breakup and the relationship in the rearview mirror don't define you, so stop retelling the story, and rewrite your happily ever after."

Venting is completely fine at the beginning of a rough breakup — bottling up all of that emotion is NOT healthy for your mind or well-being. However, there's a point when you have to stop focusing on it so much because that's not psychologically healthy for you either. 

You CAN Move On

Do things that make you happy, like focusing on a hobby or your career, to keep your mind occupied. Later, you'll be asking yourself, Ex WHO?

You can get over your breakup with confidence and strength — you just need the right advice to get you through it. Scroll up to the video above to hear more expert breakup advice from Lisa Steadman!