7 Thoughts That Go Through A Man's Mind When He Goes Down On A Woman

Cunnilingus is the perfect time to contemplate and reflect on life.

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Ever wonder what your guy is thinking about when he's going down on you? Even if you asked him, he couldn't quite answer because, well, "cat's" got his tongue.

Besides, any good parent would've taught him never to talk with his mouth full. And surprise, he's probably not thinking what you think he's thinking.

Here are all the things you never knew you wanted to know that are running through his head during oral sex:


1Is it okay to kiss you on your other lips afterwards? I mean, I'm not about that life when I'm on the receiving end, but I'm not here to tell you how to live yours.

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2Is this what lockjaw is like? I don't remember getting tetanus. But then again, I can't be expected to remember everything that happens after happy hour.

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3I wonder if she'll notice if I spell the alphabet with my tongue. Although, if you can spell the Japanese alphabet with your tongue, you're probably the cunnilingus world champion.

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4Are you writhing in pleasure, or trying to reposition me? The smart money is on the latter, but you can never know for sure.

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5Oh sh*t, you went silent. MUST. TRY. EVERYTHING. In reality, you were probably catching your breath. In our minds, we're hitting the panic button.

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6I guess I have to wash that pillowcase later. If you're propped up on a pillow, that is. And you should be.

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7I'll have to see a chiropractor if she doesn't finish soon. Locking your neck into one position for so long CAN'T be healthy.

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