3 Loving Rituals To Keep Your Marriage Both Strong AND Hot

Learn how to SHOW your love ...

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The struggles of life — work, kids and marriage itself — can easily stress you out and make you feel alone. It's easy to lose that connection with your spouse when all the strains of life occupy your mind and life.


Sometimes your occupied brain can make you forget to remind your partner that you love him or her. Your spouse may then fall to the wayside as the hectic struggles cascade into your list of top priorities. 

But You Must Remember That You Married For Love

You don't necessarily have to say the words "I love you" all the time, but if you stop saying or showing it all together, you'll feel even further apart. While you might assume your spouse already knows you love him/her, your validation goes a LONG way in. It shows that the spark is still there!

YourTango Expert and psychologist, Dr. Stan Tatkin, suggests maintaining daily rituals as a couple in order to toughtfully avoid this. "[It settles] our nervous systems and allows us to average each other out kind of like bells ringing," he says.


Daily rituals just happen to be the BEST stress-relievers because hearing (and feeling) that you're loved, acknowledged, safe and secure will calm you down faster than any prescription pill. Plus, knowing that at least one part of your life is going well motivates you to confidently tackle your other struggles head-on.

Here are three daily rituals you can maintain to simply and sweetly show your undying love: 

1. Say Hello With A Heartfelt Hug And Kiss

Before you do anything, greet each other or say goodbye with a loving hug and kiss. This is a ritual that says, "I love you. You're important to me, and you come first." You can actually say, "I love you", but your actions have already proven that.


For an added touch of security and romance, make the kiss/hug linger a bit. This will leave your spouse wanting more later on if you're too busy to get intimate right at that moment! 

2. Get Steamy And Shower Together 

Not only is this efficient — it saves water AND time — it's fun, too! Showering together shows that you're still super attracted to each other and comfortable and trusting enough to do the most personal daily routines together. Plus, who doesn't love shower sex?

3. Wish Each Other Good Night 

Even if you've had the roughest day, wishing your spouse a good night with a sweet kiss and warm cuddle will easily melt the stress away. With your loving spouse on your mind, you'll be relaxed enough to drift swiftly to sleep. You'll wake up energized and ready to take on the next day.


Dr. Stan Tatkin talks a bit more about the benefits of maintaining daily bonding rituals between you and your spouse in the video above. Scroll up and watch to find out the best way to keep your marriage both strong AND hot.