Um ... Japan Has A Game Show Where Contestants Jerk Each Other Off

Photo: YouTube
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Japan is notorious for their outrageous and provocative game shows. Some of these wild game shows include a lube-soaked, middle-aged man attempting to slide across a row of young, bikini-clad women. I'm guessing that's prize enough. 

There's also Sokkuri Sweets where contestants have to bite things they think are sugary treats. Sometimes, they guess correctly and sometimes, the gamble doesn't pay off; they find themselves biting a picture frame. Yummy!

There's even a game show called Tore! where participants must give 7 answers about a topic while they're being mummified.

I'm not even mentioning human bowling, human Tetris, or the game show where a girl slides across a glass platform while guys cram together in a tight space to stare up her skirt. (I think that's just called The Perv Show.)

After I saw Sing What Happens, a late-night show where contestants try to sing karaoke while getting a hand job, I figured that Japan was number one in adult game show fun.

This video is a solid effort, and Japan probably felt secure in being reigning champs of bizarre game shows. NSFW, obviously:


Karaoke and masturbation ... who could compete with that? Taiwan, that's who.

Taiwan's show Hang Chicken Competition pits pretty girl against pretty girl to see who can bring their victim/willing participant to reach climax first.

The show starts off with the scantily clad young ladies running around with rubber chickens, which is hilarious, right? There's nothing funnier than a rubber chicken ... or least that's the way it was in comedy 70 years ago.

But these chickens aren't there for comedy value; they're there to let everyone know there's going to be some choking of the chicken. Isn't it great when cultures come together with the same euphemisms?

When each woman finds a willing guy to get a handjob on TV, they drag him back to the studio and get to work. 

Check out the Hang Chicken Competition for yourself. (Also extremely NSFW.):


A Reddit thread suggests that these aren't game shows, but comedy sketches for late night television (or porno scenes). Whatever the reason behind these shows, I'm sure they were made in the spirit of healthy competition.

I wonder if the Japanese Show Orgasm Wars, where gay men attempt to bring straight men to orgasm, is real. What do you think?



Wow. Just ... wow.