This Masochistic App Will Tell You Who Unfriended You On Facebook

And if that's not demoralizing enough, this app basically defriended us, too.

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I remember the first person who ever deleted me on Facebook, I just don't know why. Her name is Lisa, and I'll leave it at that.

She was someone I went through school with; I remember her as a kind of a bratty, but still likible, kid. She caused quite the commotion during a holiday assembly in second grade when she sat on Santa's lap, and instead of accepting the box of candy canes for the whole class, she asked if she could have a new teacher .


It didn't go over very well. I reminded her of that story at one of our class reunions.

She's now a successful business woman, married with kids and looks really great. She obviously grew out of her chubby-bratty-obnoxious stage.

I thought we had a nice visit, and I friended her on Facebook. She accepted. Then a few months later, she DELETED ME.

I know; I couldn't believe either. The unspoken rule is that you should never delete your grade school friends unless they're horrible people, and even then you might reconsider it. After all, who knows you better than someone who witnessed you faint in front of the entire class in 4th grade? Lisa apparently doesn't know Facebook etiquette.


It looked like my prayers had been answered when the Who Deleted Me app came out and could tell you exactly who unfriended you, and was completely free. I should've known that Facebook giveth and it taketh away, and that my Who Deleted Me joy would be short lived.

Although the app didn't tell you why someone deleted you, it did tell you when someone deleted you, which was not only good; it allowed you to not be forever focused on your friend's list all the time. Not that I ever do that ...

Every now and then I think, "I haven't heard anything from so-and-so recently. Did they delete me?" When that happens, I have to do a search through my friends list. But with this app, I'd know already. The Who Deleted Me app was so innovative, I'm sad I didn't think of it first.

First, the app saved a copy of your friend list after you first used it. Then, when you revisited the app or browser extension, it compared your current friend list with your former one. You can't solve the mystery of who deleted you before you signed up for Who Deleted Me, but for the future, you could've.


The app also told you about any new friends you'd gotten since the last time you logged in. It didn't congratulate you or anything; it just gave you the basics: "You've made (insert number here) new friend(s)." Who Deleted Me was a well-rounded app.

It also detected when you were the one guilty of unfriending someone. Did you really have to friend your ex's mom in the first place?

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This app wasn't the first of its kind; there was also Unfriend Notify, and Who Unfollowed Me? for Twitter.

Unfortunately, Who Deleted Me was only around for a little while when it's developer Anthony Kuske was asked by Facebook to take it down, saying that the app violated Facebook's terms. And when Facebook asks for you to do something, it's in your best interest to do it.

I was eventually able to figure out that Lisa had deleted me.


I will try to be a little more vigilant in keeping track of my friends — it just would've been so much easier if Who Deleted Me hadn't been deleted.