My Vagina Runs My Life (And I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way)

SHOCKER: Women can have primal instincts, too.

liberated WeHeartIt

My vagina runs my life. Men may think with their dicks and I think with my vagina.

My vagina leads me around by the tip of my clitoris. I'm always thinking about sex and when I'm not, I'm sleeping.

I've been labeled many things: sex-doll, promiscuous, slut, nympho, and sex-addict, none of which apply to me. There's nothing psychologically or physically wrong with me; I'm just a woman with the libido of most men.


Society wants to diagnose me, psychoanalyze me, and judge me. It wants to cure me of this natural, primal urge.

The irony is men don't need to justify their hunger for hanky-panky. It's a given, a fact, something that's universally accepted yet I must apologize and feel shame because I'm a highly sexual woman. One would think I was eating small children judging by people's reaction to my liberty.

"That's men!" my mother use to say when she was commenting on some tabloid affair. Men are excused for their erections and wandering eyes, but not me — definitely not me. How dare I be a woman and be an incredibly sexual being? 


She must be crazy!

She must have sex with an array of men in search for love.

I feel sorry for her.

Why does she love sex so much?

She must have been abused.

She must have bad parents.

She must have low self-esteem.


She's nothing but damaged goods.

It's sad she has to act in such a cheap and degrading way.

I find myself having to answer a barrage of questions. I also find myself the victim of other people's hatred.

Do men experience this? Somehow, I don't think so. Men are handed the acceptance-card while I fight tooth and nail against perceptions that belong in the dark ages.

How about this for a response? I just love sex.

I can think of no better way to spend my time. I love the chase. I love the kill. I love the feelings of intimacy and orgasms.


I mean, what isn't to love? We're put on this earth to procreate. We're put on this earth to f**k and multiply. I haven't multiplied yet — but I will someday and for the time being, I intend to stick to practicing.

Women shouldn't need a justification for bedding a multitude of men. I realize the notion of sex-mad-females throws societal fallacies out the window, but that's where they belong.

I'm throwing all this societal baggage out the window — all the restrictions, all the limitations, and all the expectations that have been placed on me since birth. I don't need this sh*t anymore. I'm worthy of understanding and tolerance, as are all sexual females.


I demand sexual equality.

I demand respect for my sexual choices and rights.

I demand to be equal to men in all areas, not just some. No shame is my game.

I'm woman. I'm sexually liberated. I'm free.

Did I mention my vagina runs my life?