Australia Says THIS Ad Is More Offensive Than Cheating On Your Wife

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For Australians, it's more offensive to say the word "bloody" than it is to suggest you cheat on your wife.

In a list of TV advertisements deemed most offensive, a video involving a dad driving with his child, tops the list. The dad says, "bloody caravaners," referring to the caravan they're driving, and one ahead of them on the road. The child repeats it after the father.

"Bloody" is a swear in Australia and the United Kingdom, but it's more along the lines of "damn" than "f*ck." Even so, 161 Australians complained about this ad so much that it beat out (in terms of number of complaints) an Ashley Madison ad encouraging men to cheat on their wife. 


I can only imagine what would've happened if the Ashley Madison ad suggested that men have a bloody affair.

The third highest complaint-grossing TV ad was one for Stan (which seems to be the Comcast of Australia), where the always-hilarious Rebel Wilson says, "Can't I just say me and my big p*ssy love it?" as she strokes a beige cat on her lap.

The man interviewing her in the ad asks, "Is that your p*ssy I'm smelling?"

When Rebel says that it is, the man replies, "It's nice. A little piquant, but it's fragrant." This ad, with its more than suggestive word-choice, only got a mere 66 complaints.

The fifth most complained about ad involves is a Lynx ad that advises men to go out, live in the now, and "kiss the hottest girl ... or the hottest boy." Looks like homophobia is still alive and well in Australia.

The eighth most complained about ad is one for the Body Shop featuring a (gasp) scantily-clad male torso, because only women should be exploited for their bodies in advertising.

In tenth place, this ad actually makes sense, as it shames people who wear hearing aids for daring to wear something so ugly.

Every culture has its own list of things they find offensive. Americans would barely register if someone used the word bloody, and they certainly wouldn't call to have commercials removed from the airways for using it.