The Reason Men Are More Likely To Cheat Than Women

Infidelity: The Reason Men Are More Likely To Cheat Than Women

A new study sheds some light on the cheating mystery.

"A man is only as faithful as his opportunities." — Chris Rock

Boredom. Sexual desires and curiosity. Unhappiness with the relationship. In need of an ego boost. Infidelity happens for a number of reasons (as these cheating husbands will tell you), but why do men have more affairs? Maybe Chris Rock was onto something.

A new study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin sheds some light on the cheating mystery.

Scientists at found that while men have the same ability to resist temptation as women, their strong impulses present the issue. Psychologists claim that men have more intense sexual desires than women.

In one of the study's experiments, men and women were asked to perform a reaction-time task where they chose to accept or reject potential partners. In the other, participants had to report on their impulses when they encountered a real-life — but forbidden — temptation. Both resulted in the same conclusion. 

"This sex difference emerged because men experienced stronger impulses, not because they exerted less intentional control," the researchers explained.

So what do we do? Even with this new information, remember that cheating is a choice. What about all the men who don't cheat?

Maybe it's harder for men to stay faithful when strong urges override their potential to withstand "opportunities." But isn't it also hard to lie to, betray and hurt the one you love

If nothing else, remember this important fact: Men who cheat on their wives are more likely to break their penis.

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