Wow: Watch This Mama Bunny DESTROY This Snake To Protect Her Babies

Never underestimate a mother's love ... no matter what the species.

Watch This Bunny Mom DESTROY This Snake To Protect Her Baby DCWPhoto / Shutterstock

This video starts off with some onlookers filming a black snake coiled around a nest of baby bunnies. Why they decided to film rather than help the bunnies, we will never know.

Just as the snake is about to squeeze the life out of these cute darlings, the bunny mom immediately leaps into action. The babies leap away to safety (thank goodness; they're just so cute!).

While the onlookers continued to film the dramatic rescue (seriously, people?), the snake attempts to bite mama bunny, but she fights back. The ensuing battle between the animals is much more heart-stopping than The Avengers.


The tenacity that this mama bunny showed to protect her babies just goes to show how strong a mother's love for her children is. Whether they're human or animal, hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.

How much are you going to bet that those baby bunnies got the talk about stranger-snake danger?