"Polygamist Chic" Is A Thing: 12 Things You MUST Know

Women who belong to the FLDS sect follow a very specific dress code — here's why.

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It's difficult not to be curious about the way women in the polygamist sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints dress.

It's so dated and odd. It's as if they were plucked out of a Laura Ingalls Wilder book, but not exactly. They're not of the modern world, but not really part of the old world. Still, they're unique in their conformity, in their sense of fashion

So, put your opinions aside. Here are 12 things you may not know about the polygamist look (and yes, they have a dress code).


1. Their dresses aren't exactly body-conscious. If you're dressed in a large sack, you won't be seen as desirable from any man, nor your husband.

2. They prefer their dresses be in pastel colors. Those colors evoke femininity.

3. The color red is forbidden. Jesus will be wearing a red robe when he returns to earth at the end of days. You wouldn't want to be wearing red and get confused with Jesus, now would you?

4. You will never see a FLDS woman's ankles. If you did you, might notice her ugly orthopedic shoes. Women are covered from their neck to their ankles.

5. Uniform dress discourages wives from getting jealous of each other. Because that always works in a girls only school.


6. Polygamist women never cut their hair. They'll need it to wash Christ's feet during the second coming, and to wash their husband's feet in heaven. Good thing it isn't the other way around. I can't imagine that being a part of anybody's weekly chores.

7. Their hair is reminiscent of the Gibson Girl style of the 1800s. Their bangs are usually grown out and rolled, but they don't use curling irons because that would be too modern.

8. Clothing is stitched with special markings to protect and remind one of their commitment to their sect.

9. They wear as many as three layers of clothing underneath their dresses. This includes holy underwear, three pairs of stockings, and sometimes pants.


10. Underwear is considered protection. Some women don't remove their underwear even when giving birth, having intercourse with their husbands, or bathing. Yes, bathing!

11. Makeup is wicked.

12. They don't have special clothes for each season. And it can get plenty hot when you're wearing a prairie dress with three sets of underwear.


Some people like uniforms. They appreciate not having to go through the task of deciding what to wear every day, and their uniforms make them feel secure. 

But a polygamist's style choices aren't for everyone. Then again, neither is having 5 sister-wives.