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20 Qualities That Set A TRUE BFF Apart From Just A Regular Friend

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20 Qualities That Set A TRUE BFF Apart From Just A Regular Friend

There are some very big differences between a BFF and a regular friend. You could have tons of regular friends, but there is something very different about the relationship that you have with a best friend.

For those people who say they have 20 best friends, you don't.

There are one or two that stand way above the others. Whether they're childhood friends or you met them recently, there are just some qualities that a regular friend will never have or understand.

You don't show a regular friend the same side of you that a best friend gets. BFFs just get you. 

Let's talk about regular friends for a moment. They're great. They'll go out with you, listen when you're upset over a relationship, and would probably be there to bail you out of jail.

These are all qualities of a pretty awesome person and someone you can rely on. You could have a ton of these people, but these qualities just skim the surface of what a best friend relationship really looks like.

Here are 20 qualities of a BFF level-friend:

You're brutally honest with one another because you know, even if it hurts, they'll get over it.

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The two of you sit on the phone in silence without even realizing it.

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Your fights are much shorter...

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... And way meaner.

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They aren't afraid to call you out on your sh*t.

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You kind of just show up at their house and use your own key to get in.

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In fact, most of your plans involve sitting around with no plans.

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Everyone in their family acts like you're just another one of them.

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Their parents even text you sometimes to catch up.

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You'll automatically like any and all things they put on social media, even if you don't actually like it. Solidarity sister!

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BFF 10

You never have to ask to do anything in their house. This includes, but is not limited to: asking to spend the night, eating their food, using the bathroom, and stealing their clothes.

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BFF 11

When it comes to clothes, you have no idea who actually bought what in each other's closets.

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BFF 12

You still call them on the phone. That's real love.

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BFF 13

No one really understands the weird stuff you do together.

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BFF 14

Your text message conversation literally makes no sense to anyone but each other.

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BFF 15

You text all your most random innermost thoughts throughout the day.

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BFF 16

When someone hurts them, they might get over it, but you never will.

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BFF 17

You know every single type of mood they're in the moment you see them.

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BFF 18

They're secretly waiting for your wedding day to load up their speech with all the embarrassing ammo they have.

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BFF 19

They'll bring you a bottle of wine and pizza before you even knew you wanted pizza and wine.

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BFF 20