Woof! 21 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For Your Dog

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Here's a few reasons why Fido deserves an extra bone tonight.

Sure, cats are great companions and you should be thankful for them, but dogs are man's best friend. Have you ever stopped to think about why you should really be thankful for yours?

Fortunately for you, we've come up with 21 reasons to be thankful for your pooch. But unfortunately for you, they don't come with puppy kisses. (You'll have to hit up your local animal shelter for those.)

He's easily entertained. He doesn't require expensive toys or nights out, just a moveable door stop.
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Corgi playing 1
He rarely uses the restroom so it's always available for you. That means not having to share the hot water, which is a serious win.
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dog under faucet 2
She doesn't require fancy vacations. A stay-cation is just fine with her as long as you keep that delicious water flowing.
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dog sunbathing in swimming suit 3
His day at the spa is a lot less expensive than yours. And you don't even have to tip!
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pug getting back rub from cat 4
She's not a picky eater. "What's that? I'm having the exact same thing I've eaten twice a day for the last five years? Sounds GREAT!"
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corgi running down hallway for food 5
She looks the other way when you do stupid stuff. Don't worry. Your secret love of all things My Little Pony isn't getting past those panting lips.
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pug standing in doorway sneaking away 6
He makes the PERFECT nap companion. Want to snuggle? Good, because so does he. Just be sure to have a bone ready when you wake up because that morning breath is no joke.
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big dog pinning and snuggling with man 7
He doesn't require a large clothing budget. No need to worry about spending hundreds of dollars each season on a new look. He looks cute in pretty much anything.
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dog's tail dressed up like person 8
He doesn't mind a little traffic. You might get road rage about the pile up on the freeway, but not your best friend. He's just enjoying the ride, even if it's mostly stagnant.
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pomeranion in car 9
He loves to help you clean. Sure, he might be the cause of the mess, but at least he's willing to help clean it up.
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pug on roomba
He can even be great at doing laundry, too. Just remember the fabric softener because sometimes they don't.
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dog doing laundry
She's easy to shop for. Her shopping list is pretty much just food, bones, treats, and toys. Repeat as needed.
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Yorkie shopping
He makes friends with everyone. Yes, everyone. Even your mother-in-law, which is no easy feat.
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pug on leash being walked by monkey
She's always down for a makeout session. Well, maybe not always.
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guy getting denied a kiss by dog
She's cool sleeping in her own bed. Granted, that bed might not be size-appropriate, but whatever. That bed might also happen to be your bed. Scoot over.
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big dog trying to get into a little bed
He'll always watch what you want to watch on TV. He'll even root for your favorite team. The best part is he doesn't know how to use the DVR, so you don't have to share.
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dog bouncing around at tv
He's a great help in the garden. No need for a shovel. Fido can dig that hole in less than a minute.
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dog digging in sand
She saves you from very serious potential dangers. That mailman has never once hurt you. Why? Your dog, obviously.
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dog playing with reflection in mirror
She won't judge you for having that late night snack. In fact, she might be one step ahead of you on that, which is what makes you soul mates.
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dog in refrigerator
He keeps your property free of those pesky squirrels. Well, maybe he doesn't catch the squirrels, but he definitely runs them off. Sort of.
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dog chasing squirrel around tree.
She's the most loyal and loving creature who loves YOU unconditionally. And what's better than that?
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dog rubbing dad's head