The Biggest Thing Men And Women Disagree On When It Comes To Sex

Does this surprise you?

BIGGEST Thing Men And Women Disagree On When It Comes To Sex Unsplash

It's great to find someone who's into the same bedroom things as you are, since sexual chemistry is a HUGE part of a relationship. But there is one thing that still comes between the sexes in the bedroom.

That one thing would be porn.

According to a new Gallup poll, 43 percent of men find porn to be acceptable, but only 25 percent of women can say the same.

The poll included 1,024 Americans who are 18 or older.


There's no surprise here. Many women are vocal about being offended by porn while many men believe it's harmless fun. But each sex is on the same page when it comes to affairs, polygamy, divorce and more:

It's surprising the same poll found that women are more likely to think having a child out of wedlock is morally acceptable. Specifically, 65 percent agree that this is acceptable, where 57 percent of men feel the same way.


Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised. We recently found out that 8.6 percent of husbands celebrate Father's Day with children who aren't actually their kids, thanks to their wives stepping out on them. They pass off the child as their husband’s kid.

If women became more accepting of that, maybe they'll switch teams on the porn debate too.

At this point, we believe anything is possible.