Study Says Many Dads Spend Father's Day With Kids Who Aren't Theirs

14 percent of moms don't know their child's true paternity. WHAT?

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Father's Day is coming up, and many kids are starting to shop around for the best gift they can find. Usually, it's a good day that involves celebrating the man who picks you up when you fall down, gives you awesome life advice, and tells awful dad jokes.

But how many of these dads are going to spend the day with kids that aren't actually their own and don't know it? More than you'd think.

The bearer of bad news and extra-marital dating site, Ashley Madison, conducted a survey with 104,937 of its female users and found 14.6 percent of them secretly got pregnant from an affair, and passed the baby off as their husband's kid without knowing the true paternity.


Well, that's not a complete cowardly thing to do at all.

A good 8.6 percent of those surveyed say their husbands don't know they're not really the father of at least one of the kids they're raising.

One of the craziest findings is that some of the real fathers aren't even completely out of the picture. The percent of women who are secretly getting child support from the real father is 6.2 percent.

Certain children are also found to be from different fathers. After a few years of being together, the marriage might start to fall apart. This could lead to cheating, and having a surprise bundle of joy. 


Due to this, 56.4 percent of women said the paternity of their youngest child tends to be the one they're unsure about.

So, guys, if you have any inkling this might be your situation, you're probably better off getting a paternity test. It looks like a lot of mothers will let the sham go on until they're caught.