62-Year-Old Lingerie Model Proves Age Ain't NOTHING But A Number

Photo: WeHeartIt

Ageless beauty.

There are women who look good for their age, and women who just look spectacular. Marie Helvin is one of those women who looks amazing at any age, so it's especially awe-inspiring that she's 62 years old ... and recently did a lingerie shoot

Helvin was born in Tokyo, moved to Hawaii at age 4, was discovered on a trip to Japan at 15, and began her high fashion career as a model. She's been modeling (almost non-stop) since the 1970s, and can count Jerry Hall, Janice Dickinson, and Iman as her contemporaries.

In fact, Marie and Jerry spent so much time partying and walking the catwalk together that they were called "The Terrible Twins."

In an interview with The Independent in 1998, Helvin referred to herself as a freak of nature, saying, "I know I don't look my age but it's not something I aspire to. Sure, I want to look good — it's my job to look good — but I don't necessarily want to look younger. Everybody knows how old I am. If I was going to start lying about my age I shoulda done that 20 years ago."

Now that she's pushing 63, the fact that she owns her age makes her even more beautiful.

"While my body is not anywhere near a 30-40 year old's, it is in good shape and it will give me great pleasure to be so healthy and fit for my age," said Marie.

Marie stays in shape by going to the gym, and using the weights and the bike four times a week. She also does a lot of floor exercises.

Eating right and having healthy habits are important factors. She stopped smoking when she turned forty, hasn't eaten meat in 50 years, rarely eats bread, takes vitamins, and fasts (eating one type of fruit or vegetable) one day a week. Her discipline and hard work have paid off, as she demonstrated in her lingerie fashion shoot for Aliza Reger's new lingerie line at JD Williams. 

All photos: Daily Mail

The lingerie line has been designed to look beautiful on any woman, at any age, but with her long legs and perfect body, they make Marie look flawless.

Not every woman at age 62 can rock a lingerie fashion shoot. Hell not every woman at age 32 can do it. Marie Helvin has worked hard to be a timeless beauty, and she's an inspiration to every woman. We're never past our prime, no matter what our age.