Bakery Put Teddy Bear "Vaginas" On A Child's Birthday Cake


bear Twitter/themanews

Typically, we purposely keep things anatomically incorrect for children. Barbie and Ken have smooth nether regions instead of genitals, and animals in cartoons are always naked but are also missing something below.

So, it may come as a bit of a surprise when you get a cake for your 3-year-old daughter's christening ... with something that might look like a vagina.


Photo: Twitter/Mercury Press & Media

Sharon Green ordered a cake from U.K.'s Occasion Cakes with teddy bears on top. She was outraged when she saw that both bears had genitalia. She continued on with the christening without it.

"We didn't serve the cake or eat it, that's why I wanted a refund," writes Green to Cosmopolitan. "Also, the bears they put on the cake were not the ones I ordered. Another reason I wanted a refund."

So, what does the bakery have to say about this? Well, those aren't vaginas.

"The small bear on top of the cake is exactly that — a teddy bear. And the crease on its stomach is supposed to represent the seam where the bear is sewn together," writes a spokesman in a statement according to The Bolton News. "We have been making girl and boy teddies this way for 30 years and no-ne has ever drawn such a bizarre, and, quite frankly, distasteful, connection."


According to Occasion Cakes, a person put flowers strategically over the bears areas so no one else would be offended. If you look on their Facebook page you will also see people backing up the bakery. 

Like Instagram has shown us, apparently you can find vaginas all around you, even if they're not real. In the case of this cake, though, it seems like this mom was after a free cake (how do we even know she didn't eat it?).

Or, maybe she just wanted a reason to cause a ruckus about tiny slits in the fabric of teddy bears. Yep, it does sound ridiculous, doesn't it?