What Your Sleeping Position *REALLY* Says About Your Relationship

Photo: weheartit
sleep positions and sex life

Spot ON.

It goes without saying that the closer you are with someone, the more your body language changes. What many people don't realize is that your sleep habits directly correlate to your love life.

Sad and Useless created (tongue-in-cheek) illustrations of different sleeping positions and what they say about your relationship. 

Take a look at the hysterical illustrations below (and head over to their site to check out more)

1. It makes sense that the closer you guys are in bed, the more secure your relationship is.

2. You don't need to face him to know that you're both so deeply connected.

3. Er, it's nice that he has a great relationship with his friend, right?

4. And apparently, so do you.

5. Goldilocks, is that you?

6. Go home, Pete. You're drunk.