10 Things Husbands Need To Stop Nagging Their Wives About ASAP

Photo: WeHeartIt

YOU put a ring on it.

You put a ring on it, and now your wife won't stop driving you crazy. But it's really not necessary to nitpick about things around the house or annoy her by complaining about things that annoy you. Remember: happy wife, happy life!

So, husbands, for goodness sake, stop complaining to your wife about these things:

1. Her spending habits. 

Eating, breathing and shopping: they're all necessary to live comfortably and accessorized, so stop scanning the credit card statements to check the amount of Etsy purchases. You probably spend just as much on your monthly gym membership that you haven't used since you joined two years ago. Who's wasting money now?

2. The piles of clean laundry. 

Most of those clothes sitting in the laundry basket are yours, so you can actually pitch in and help fold them. Believe it or not, the world will not stop spinning just because your dryer did. And at least they're clean.

3. How she gives all her attention to the kids. 

For moms, the kids come first. They can't fend for themselves like you can, so sometimes you'll be the third wheel. This is especially true for working mommies who have limited hours in the day to show their babies love.

4. How much you hate the house.

She takes pride in the home you built together. Sure, things are always breaking and need to be fixed, and you hate doing the work. But unless you plan on sticking a "for sale" sign on your front lawn, just deal with matters.

5. Yard work. 

Do you want a pat on the back for mowing the lawn once a week? Because we maintain the inside of the house every day. That includes scrubbing the toilet in which you take massive poops.

6. Your day at work.

This is especially true for the wives who are stay-at-home moms. Too many men underestimate the amount of work a SAHM does with cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids. These women don't get lunch breaks or adult interaction. At least you get to leave the house.

7. That time she did something wrong.

OK, so we left the back gate open by accident. It obviously wasn't on purpose, so there's no need to throw it in our face and tell us that if the situation were reversed, we'd never let you hear the end of it. Just go close the gate. When you leave spills on the kitchen counter, we wipe them up like it's second nature. Oh wait, that's because it is.

8. The dinner menu.

You'll eat what we cook and you'll like it. If not, you can just go to bed hungry. Or, take command of the kitchen for a night. We'd like to eat gourmet meals every night as well, but there are only so many hours in a day, and they can't all be spent doing manual labor.

9. Her obsession with party-planning.

No, we can't just invite people to a gathering. There has to be a theme, color palette, and impressive Pinterest-inspired food spread.

10. The amount of times she complains. 

It's kind of our job.