What Your Favorite Disney Characters Would Look Like As Humans

Photo: Tumblr
Disney Animals Would Look Like As Humans

Is it weird that we're crushing hard on Simba?

If you've ever wondered what your favorite animals from Disney films would look like as humans, we're stoked to say that the day has finally come. Artist Pugletto has created a series of stunning illustrations on her Tumblr channel, and they are more than impressive.

It's no surprise that what originally started as an art blog blew up into a social media phenomenon, with each drawing getting thousands of reblogsShe took it a step further by reimagining a universe with minorities, a trait that Disney sadly lacks.

I applaud her for making these drawings of Disney animals diverse and going against the norm. I'm a Disney lover through and through, but I must say that I'm excited to see more races and skin colors being celebrated. 

Check out some of these amazing depictions below and head over to her Tumblr page for more images.

Can you imagine how beautiful the famous spaghetti scene would look with Lady and Tramp like this?


Seeing Duchess and Thomas O'Malley from Aristocats is giving me so many feels about my childhood.


Kovu from Lion King 2 will always be my favorite.


Jungle Book's Baloo and Bagheera's facial expressions are spot-on.


We saved the best for last, of course.


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