You Can Now BUY 3-D Replicas Of Yourself Like This Crazy Guy Did

Talk about having time to kill...

train Instagram/Chris Buck

If you want super-creative selfies, you really need to stand out, especially since selfies flood everyone's newsfeeds. Some people do this by going all out with their makeup and style, or traveling for new scenery.

But this man just took things to a whole new level by doing something we've never heard of.

A photographer named Chris Buck made a 3-D figure of himself, which he made through DOOB, a company where people can purchase 3-D replicas of themselves.


After he received his replica, he began taking selfies of himself all over New York.

"I took it out of the box, put it on my desk, and without even thinking took an iPhone photo. A new project was born," Buck tells Wired. "The figurine is so real looking — the shape of my face, the stance of my body — and the way that a photograph compresses space moves it into a whimsical and magical place immediately."

Buck named the series of selfies "Likeness" and he poses the figure in funny, unique situations. He's taken 75 pictures for it so far and will finish the project next month. He will then turn the series into a photo book.


Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Open wide!


2. Take a few minutes to unravel, won't you?



3. Things get complicated when you're the size of a thumb.


4. See, height has nothing to do with musical ability.


5. Finally, a woman my size.

All Photos: Instagram