Men Dying Their Beards In Rainbow Hues For Summer: Cool Or Cheesy?

Photo: Instagram/WEBSTYLESTORY
Rainbow Hues For Summer

When it comes to sexily groomed beards, we won't ever shy away from saying that we're all on board. But we have to admit that sometimes, people take the facial hair trend a little TOOt far.

Case in point: Men are now dying their scruff in a variety of neon colors, all at once and it's oddly ... fascinating. 

While we're not sure when (or even why) this bold trend was started, it's dominating Brooklyn.

But this quirky dye job is going to cost you. Salons are charging men $200 for this look and each session takes about two hours.

Last year, photographer Tyler Dean King used spray chalk to dye his beard aqua and his hair a darker blue for an Instagram picture. It blew up all over social media even though he just did it for fun. King told the New York Times "I was originally just going to do my hair but then after I did it, my beard looked weird. I didn’t even leave my apartment."

You can check out a few pictures of this brow-raising style on Instagram below. So tell us, beard lovers: How would you feel if your boyfriend sported this interesting look?

1. Photographer Tyler Dean King's hair chalk experiment.


2. Drunk Off Fashion posted this shot of a man who matched his beard to his glasses.


3. Photographers Aurélien & François-Xavier shot this image of a man rocking all pink.


4. Miguel O. dyed his long beard in a bright green shade.


5. Billy Huxley is rocking the multi-color trend.


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