Depressingly Accurate: Money Struggles In Your 20s Vs Your 30s

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The Money Struggle Is Real In Your 30s

Everyone always assumes that the older they get, the easier it'll be to track their finances. Right? RIGHT? But the sad thing is the way you handle your money in your 20s isn't that much different from how you'll deal with it in your 30s.

In fact, once you hit your 30s, you'll most likely still be atoning for financial faux pas that you rushed into when you were younger — like that credit card you signed up for that you know you didn't need but wanted it anyway.

That's where Sarah Cooper's hilarious money illustrations come in. Does she get it right or what? (Head over to The Cooper Review for even more.)

1. This is possibly the realest thing we've ever read.

The Washington Post

2. It doesn't matter how old you are; credit cards WILL catch you slipping.

The Washington Post

3. Sigh. If only you knew the truth, young padawan.

The Washington Post

4. That interest will always catch up to you in the end.

The Washington Post

5. This one's easy: If a sale looks like it's too good to be true, it is.

The Washington Post

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