SAY WHAT? Meet The Man Who Walks His Fiance On A Leash

Photo: Instagram/victorkingnyc
 Woman Pretends To Be A Puppy-Human

Some people love dogs so much, they want to be them.

Nathan Riely and his fiancée Xena love dogs. I mean really, really love dogs. They love them so much that Xena likes to act as one. Not only does Nathan like to take his dog Scout out for walks, but he also enjoys having his human-puppy — with a collar and leash — come along, too.

Sure, they get some stares, as not many people are used to seeing a human pet being led around by a leash in public, but they're getting used to it.

When pictures of Nathan and Xena at the Staten Island Mall recently went viral, people started becoming curious. You don't usually see someone taking their fiancée for a walk every day.

Photo: news.com.au

Photo: news.com.au

Photo: news.com.au

A human pup is someone who identifies closely with real puppy/dogs, likes to let go of their human inhibitions, and embraces their animal instincts. They enjoy acting like a dog, which includes walking on all fours, chasing a ball, wagging their tail, and licking their owner's hand.

There's also puppy play which is related to BDSM and its use of restraints and discipline. Nathan and Xena aren't into that, as Nathan calls their sex life normal and leash-free, and says "there really is no sexual appeal to it."

For many people involved in this canine-roleplay lifestyle, they enjoy being, or having a human-puppy with no sexual fetish aspect to it at all. Sometimes, a sleepy puppy just wants to curl up in a ball and sleep on the floor. 

What should you do if you come across Nathan and Xena, or another couple with a human puppy while on your morning run or getting ice cream?

First, approach a human/pup/dog the same way you'd approach a real canine. If the pup/dog has their human with them, you should ask their person if it's OK to pet their pup/dog.

Never reach out your hand without permission, or you may get bitten or growled at.

Never grab the dog/puppy's collar or leash, as some owners will think you're showing them disrespect. A pup/dog will let you know that it's OK to pet them by moving toward you, or they may lick your hand, or sniff at you.

If you are a human pup/dog and see another human pup/dog, use common sense; don't run up and pounce on them without introducing yourself first, using the dog language of barks or whispers. It's also OK to speak human language and just say, "Hi."

For Nathan and Xena, the leash and the collar are symbols of their bond to one another. Some couples use rings, but they have a collar. 

Pretending to be a puppy/dog may not be your thing, but for these real dog-lovers, it's just another way to express themselves and stay in shape.

It takes a lot of energy acting like a dog, let alone going on all those walks.