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Dad's Letter To His Daughter About Her Future Husband Is A MUST-Read

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Dad's Sweet Letter To His Daughter

My parents got a divorce when I was five years old. Ever since then, my relationship with my father hasn't always been the greatest; over the years, it's gotten better.

But even though I see him every few months, those short trips to the latest movie have never really filled the part of me that went missing the day he left.

My mother, brother, and grandmother fixed that hole. They raised me to always respect myself and everyone around, and showed me why knowing my worth was important. 

When I first read this heartfelt letter that a dad wrote to his young daughter about the future, all of my emotions hit me in waves. 

He tells her what she should never, ever accept from any relationship, including from her future husband.

I wish that my dad wasn't working all of the time and didn't live eight hours away. I would kill for us to have the kind of relationship where I could ask him for life and love advice. Some things just aren't that easy.

To see a father who is so devoted to his daughter that he needs her to understand why her happiness comes first, above all else from the very beginning leaves a sweet feeling in my chest. 

Read this letter to your daughter, your mother, your sister and your best friend. And then, make sure you keep reading it to yourself until you believe — and start living — his beautiful and honest words.


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