This Scary Disease You Can Get By Drinking Just ONE Soda A Day

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This Scary Thing Happens When You Drink Soda

Beyond heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and kidney issues.

Over recent years, study after study has been released, warning us about the effects of drinking soda and other sugary beverages. First, we were told that it often leads to heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and kidney issues.

But according to the Journal of Hepatology, we have one more serious side effect to worry about: 

If you drink soda, lemonade or even fruit drinks everyday, you have a much greater risk of developing liver disease.

The recent study, out of Tufts University, examined the diet of 2,634 people, hoping to see whether a correlation existed between the amount of sugar-fueled beverages they drank and the size of their liver.

Here comes the scary part.

Researchers found that "a higher presence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in those who said they drank more than one sugary beverage a day compared to those who said they didn’t drink sugary beverages."

Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine's William Carey, MD, confirmed this by saying "Many studies suggest that the high fructose corn syrup found in sodas is more likely to result in fatty liver than other forms of sugar."

Looks like beer and alcohol aren't the only things that'll kill your liver. Yikes.

H/T: Yahoo Health