Acting Smarter Than You Are Makes People Listen To You, Says Study

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smarty pants

When you think about ways to gain influence at work, you probably think about working harder and hoping it is noticed to get a promotion. But science says you might want to focus less on your work, and be pretentious by acting like you're smarter than them ... even when you're not.

That's right, become a bullsh*tter!

A study published in the Journal of Personality And Social Psychology came to these conclusions by having MBA students work together for a semester to review a list of historical names and events.

Some of the things on the list, however, were completely fake, but students with a high level of confidence and pretended to know the fake terms were also the ones who had more influence over their peers.

Basically, people trust overconfident idiots because they tend to be the loudest and most stubborn. How upsetting.

"This suggests that more overconfident individuals were perceived as more competent by their partners, as compared to individuals with more accurate self-perceptions. In fact, overconfidence had as strong a relationship with partner-rated competence as did actual ability," write the authors of the study.

You're probably wondering if other people will hate you if you start acting overconfident, but the same researchers found that people rate their overconfident peers higher.

So, want a chance at that next promotion? Fake it, be overconfident, and apply for that opening.

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