10 Signs You're Not A Lady Or A Woman — You're A BROAD

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Broad City

Females fall into three categories: women, ladies, and broads. What's a broad, you ask? Thanks to the gals of Comedy Central's Broad City, we have the answer.

Abbi and Ilana are the stars of the show, currently in production on its third season that will air in early 2016. And yes, we already have the countdown started.

The show follows two young 20-something females navigating the wild jungle of New York City. Though it feels like you've seen it, you haven't. Forget the male-driven, boozy storylines of Sex and the City, and the self-centered scenarios of Girls

Broad City reinforces positive female friendship, shows the drive it takes to get by and make it, and the general hi-jinks of living in a city as magical and odd as New York City.

If you see one episode, you'll find yourself wanting to be real-life friends with Abbi and Ilana. They're just that cool, smart, and hilarious. And they're not the only broads we know and love.

Based on this criteria, you can count Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, and Chelsea Handler as fellow famous broads.

Take a look and see for yourself. Here are 10 signs you're much more of a broad than you are a lady or a woman.

You've got the confidence to say exactly what you're thinking.

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Ilana of 'Broad City' 1

You believe in your dreams and so do your friends — and vice versa.

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Abbi and Ilana of 'Broad City' 2

You have a go-to getaway for escaping bad, awkward situations.

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Abbi of 'Broad City' 3

You're not into labeling people and think everyone should just live their happiest life.

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Ilana of 'Broad City' 4

You demand answers.

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Abbi and Seth Rogen on 'Broad City' 5

You know it's OK to fake it 'til you make it.

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Abbi of 'Broad City' 6

You aren't afraid to say what you want in life ... and in the bedroom.

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Ilana of 'Broad City' 7

You know amazing secrets and life hacks. All hail the BB&B!

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Abbi of 'Broad City' 8

You're incredibly resourceful — like using office supplies to help cover the costs of scoring Lil Wayne tickets.

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Ilana of 'Broad City' 9

You let people know who you are.

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Abbi of 'Broad City' 10