The Top 6 Places People In America Prefer To Masturbate Are...

Some of these are just...unsanitary.

Places People Prefer For Masturbation weheartit

Masturbation. Not many people talk about it, but that's why it leads to the most interesting studies. Society makes it seem like guys are just doing it all the time — movies like American Pie  but women are really into it as well. In fact, they prefer it over sex

So where are all these men and women enjoying themselves? Is their location of choice normal?

Now we know. Sex toy company We-Vibe conducted a survey of 600 people in America between the ages 20 and 70.


They found the the top six places people like to get busy:

  1. Bedroom: 80 percent
  2. Shower: 31 percent
  3. Bathroom: 31 percent
  4. Couch: 18 percent
  5. Office: 7 percent
  6. Kitchen: 3 percent 

No! Just no to the last two. Is losing your job really worth it if you get caught? And doing it in the kitchen not only seems a bit complicated, but it's also unsanitary.

The survey found men and women do the deed in different ways. Women are twice as likely to put on some music, and men are twice as likely to watch porn to get in the mood. 

How we think about masturbating is often taught to us. People have used scare tactics to keep others from doing it by saying it leads to blindness. But the study found things are changing.


The majority of participants (85 percent) say they are more comfortable with pleasuring themselves than in the past. The survey takers say they feel like there is less of a taboo.

Well, anything that shows we're moving to more of a sex positive world is good news.