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7 Men Reveal What They REALLY Think About While Going Down On You

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Men Reveal What Think About While Performing Oral Sex

As someone who's not a big fan of receiving oral sex, when a man goes down on me I tend to think about all the other things I could or should be doing: Did I email my editor? Will I have time to do laundry after this? I wonder if Law & Order is a repeat this weekend?

This has nothing to do with the men I've had sex with, and everything to do with the fact that it's just not my thing. I'd much, and I mean much, rather give than receive. For me, even when cunnilingus is great, I'd still rather be doing something else besides receiving oral sex.

Since women are obviously having some pretty deep thoughts — or at least some thoughts when men go down on them — what are men really thinking when they're giving us oral? You've always wanted to know, right?

YourTango asked seven men what they think about when they go down on a girl. Here's what they had to say:

1. What should I do with my hands?

"I always wonder what I should do with my hands. Do I wrap my arms around her legs? Touch her boobs? Touch her clit? What about her stomach? That's usually what I think about while trying to pretend I'm totally focused on satisfying her."

2. Where should I put my tongue?

"Where to put my tongue is something I think about a lot. It's not that I don't know where things are, but some women like their clitoris to be licked, others prefer to licked inside, and maybe some anal licking, so I kind of feel things out and listen to her moans for a clue."

3. Am I doing a good job?

"I think about when she's going to finally grab my hair. I love that and it's a sign that I'm doing a good job."

4. Pie recipes.

"Depends on the woman. Often, I find myself thinking, 'I wish my tongue were a snake so I could slither through her body and massage her heart.' Most other times, I think about pie recipes, because pie tastes good, when p*ssy so often tastes like oysters left in the summer sun."

5. Nothing at all.

"I try not to think about anything. I just try to be a machine, because if I think at all, I'll over-think. And before I know it, I'll be wondering if I paid my last phone bill on time."

6. Why don't they teach a class in this?

"The p*ssy is a strange and amazing place, and I don't know any man who doesn't love doing it but also isn't nervous about it. Because of that, I usually spend at least some of my time down there wondering why there's no class you can take on how to be perfect at it."

7. I think only about her and what I'm doing.

"I'm thinking about giving the most pleasure I can because I like to know I'm making her feeling good. So, I listen to her noises, pay attention to her body, and just focus on the moment. Isn't that what every guy should think?"