80s And 90s Kids, Rejoice! Mixtapes Are Baaaaaaaaack

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Share A Mixtape With Your Boyfriend

If there's one thing that us old souls can't contest, it's the undeniable fact that music was so much better back in the day. Growing up in the 80s and 90s meant listening to all of the classics on a tiny cassette tape that wasn't always audible, but still got the message across.

When you wanted to share a song that you just *knew* your boyfriend would love, you'd either leave a homemade mixtape in their locker or play your boombox outside of their window. Call us snobs all you want but they were light years ahead of Spotify and iTunes, hands down.

And thanks to designer Tiffany Roddis, mixtapes are making a comeback.

Roddis creates USB flash drives that resemble these old-school treasures, hitting us right in the feels with the nostalgia. You can also add other files beside music to your mixtape, which makes them a step up from the cassettes we used to know.

So far, although they come in a variety of kick-ass colors, they're only available in 8GB. There's even an empty space for you to write a personal message to your beau.

If you're bummed that you missed out on the chance to make your childhood sweetheart swoon with this creative and heartfelt giftyou're about to have the best day ever.

The 90s kid in your life will get a kick out of this one(So you can keep your boring iTunes and Spotify playlists).

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