7 Times To LISTEN To The Haters Hating (Because They Have A Point)

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Let Haters Kick Your Self-Esteem

"If you run into an assh*le in the morning, you ran into an assh*le. If you run into assh*les all day, you're the assh*le."

This magnificent piece of life advice comes from FX’s Justified, and sometimes, that's exactly what haters are.

It's easy to go on the defensive when others become critical of us. There are enough jerks in life that shutting out negativity becomes a reflex.

But not everyone who hurts your self-esteem and self-image is a hater. Sometimes, you just need to get over yourself and turn their negativity into a positive — unless you want to become the assh*le. These are 7 haters who are completely justified:

1. When your trainer's on you at the gym.

It's not their fault your blood test came back as a list of cake ingredients. I get it. Body image is a sensitive issue, but the guy who's sculpted like a Greek god just might know what he's talking about when it comes to fitness.

So, swallow more pride ... and fewer doughnuts.

2. When your boss is calling out your performance.

Right or wrong, your boss is the judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to your paycheck. So it literally pays to let them hate, if they so choose.

You just have to take what they throw at you and use it to become a better employee, at least in their eyes. Either that or learn to love standing in line at the unemployment office.

3. When your significant other brings up a problem with your relationship.

Don't misunderstand — I'm not saying you should take crap from your partner just because they're your partner.

The important thing is to not dismiss their hater-ism. Because regardless if they're justified or not, when one person has a problem in a relationship, you BOTH have a problem.

4. When your parents are giving you life advice.

The younger you are, the more this advice applies. Also, the less broken your home, I suppose.

How smart would it be to dismiss criticisms from the people who likely love you the most on this planet and also have wisdom well beyond your years?

5. When your best friend is letting you know you're f*cking up.

They've been there through thick and thin. They know you better than you know yourself. And they'd help you move a body.

So why wouldn't you trust them when they are critical of you?

6. When your professor tells you to get it together.

They're smarter than you AND they control a small portion of your future success. Like your boss, either heed their advice or suffer the consequences.

7. When you need to make changes in your own life.

The theme of this article is self-improvement. How are you supposed to get better without a little introspection?

If you're being overly critical of yourself, there are only two options: either you have an issue you need to address, or you need to stop being so hard on yourself.