Bad News, Ketchup Lovers: You're Probably Seriously Addicted To THIS

Photo: WeHeartIt

Hands down, ketchup is the best condiment in the world. It's good on finger food like chicken nuggets, breakfast food like eggs, and you can have it on your food morning, noon, and night.

But have you ever wondered why ketchup is so good? Well, the secret is out!

The reason why kids and adults love it so much is because of all that tasty sugar, according to The Huffington Post. Not blown away yet? A half a cup of Haagen-Daaz ice cream has less sugar than the same amount of ketchup!

Yikes! It might be time to cut back.

That's not all. The Huffington Post also included some stunning pictures about exactly how much sugar we are consuming while having ketchup. Below is one of them!

Photo: The Huffington Post

So, if you're one of those people who has ketchup all day, you may want to think about doing a sugar detox.