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7 Brutally Honest, Hysterically LOL Notes From Kids

Photo: Twenty Two Words
hilarious notes from kids

One of the greatest things about being an adult means having the ability to add a hidden context behind everything we say. Whether it's making a super dirty joke or throwing shade, we're pros at clever barbs. Sometimes, our penchant for sarcasm leads us into incredibly awkward situations.

But kids take it to a whole other level. They have no problem whatsoever with telling it like it is; they could care less whether the situation calls for it or not, and certainly don't shy away from the theatrics.

Exhibit A: These kids didn't hesitate when writing these hilarious but brutally honest notes to their teachers and parents. And they're too. Damn. Funny!

It doesn't just stop there. The best part isn't what's being said but the fact that nine times out of ten, they're completely serious.

Never has the adage "Kids say the darndest things!" been more fitting. One thing is certain: Only kids would get away with writing these (so don't even think about trying it!) You can check out the rest of these hilarious notes over at Twenty Two Words.

1. Uh ... how sweet?

2. We agree, food is always a good idea.

3. We're sure the sentiment is in there somewhere.

4. He is NOT having it.

5. Sorry, not sorry: This is a no-nonsense kid.

6. He just wants to eat, is that so wrong?

7. Right in the feels.