Celebrity Woman-Haters! 10 Of The Biggest Misogynists In Hollywood

These stars have all demonstrated how much they hate women.

Jeremy Renner from Marvel's The Avengers Walt Disney Pictures

So, according to science, women are people. They went and did a bunch of tests, and it's pretty undeniable. In fact, they're just as much people as men are. I guess this means that they should be treated as equals and stuff, right? Like, women should be allowed to get jobs and vote, and they should be given the same opportunities to succeed as men are. This is all backed up with science, okay?

Duh. But there are always going to be some people out there that don't want to listen to science. Ugh, how annoying is that? They still think that things are like they were in '50s, when men were men and women weren't men. The thing is, women don't want to be men, they just want to be equal. All because science says that they are.


Well, here's a list of famous guys that haven't gotten the memo yet. We're working on it, but some of these guys just don't want to let go. They still think it's the first season of Mad Men. Well, it's not! That show is over and you're just going to have to deal with it! Here are the worst misogynists in Hollywood!

1. Sean Penn

Sean Penn from Milk Focus Features

Sean Penn may try to come across as a nice guy these days, but he's actually a monster. Back when he was with Madonna, he tied her to a chair against her will and beat her. It doesn't matter how many Democrats you endorse after doing something like that, you're still awful.


9. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator 2 Carolco Pictures

Before he ran for governor of California, a bunch of allegations of sexual harassment and abuse were brought up against Schwarzenegger. People forgot about them, right up until it was revealed that he had knocked up his kids' nanny and the love child was being raised right alongside the kids he had with his wife.


8. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson from Signs Touchstone Pictures

Mel Gibson once called a female police officer "sugar tits." I'm sure he meant it in a respectful way, right? Like, he was thinking, "I like sugar, and I like boobs, this will show her that I respect her."


7. Chris Brown

Chris Brown from Don't Judge Me Vimeo

When he first showed up, Chris Brown seemed like such a nice guy. Then he turned into a complete monster. After he beat up Rihanna, he was photographed jet skiing with the biggest smile on his face. Yeah, he seemed real broken up about the whole thing. Now he spends his time basically stalking his long-suffering ex, Karrueche Tran.

6. Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby from The Cosby Show Viacom Enterprises

The thing about rape charges is that it only takes one to make people think that you don't like women. By the time you hit Bill Cosby levels, not only is there no doubt, it's been replaced by blinding horror.


5. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino Warner Bros

Clint Eastwood is from another era, but he's also keeping a tight grip on that era. He once joked at the Tonys that all of the nominees for best directors were all guys, but in a way that was like, "It would be weird if it wasn't."

4. Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner from Marvel's The Avengers Walt Disney Pictures

Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans got in a bit of trouble recently for joking around about Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow being a slut. Evans apologized, claiming it was just a bad joke and he shouldn't have said it. Renner, on the other hand, decided to double down and explain that Black Widow is, in fact, a slut. I wish it was still the early '90s so I could say "Smooth move, Exlax" and not sound like a complete dork.


3. Michael Bay

Michael Bay from IMDB.com IMDB.com

Hey, watch a Michael Bay movie and count how many female butts he focuses on as opposed to male butts. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with liking butts, but enough is enough. Women in Michael Bay movies stick their butts out constantly, even when it makes zero sense. No one just lounges around on a motorcycle, okay Michael Bay?

2. Dirk Benedict

Dirk Benedict from Battlestar Galactica MCA/Universal

Dirk Benedict played Starbuck in the cheesy 1970's outer space adventure show Battlestar: Galactica. He was also on The A-Team. When Battlestar​ was rebooted the mid '00s, Starbuck was recast as a woman. Of course, Benedict claimed this was due to the downfall of masculinity. Maybe they just realized that the character was a poor man's Han Solo and decided to make her a little more interesting?


10. Roman Polanski

roman polanski PRPhotos

Hey, remember when Roman Polanski was a statutory rapist? And a regular old rapist? And how he is still in complete denial of that fact? And how he thinks birth control is making women more masculine? Of course you do. Unless you're one of the many celebrities who want him freed in the United States. Gross.